Ilya Gnoensky

Business Address: Stolyarnyy pereulok., 3/18, Moscow, Russia

Phone:  (US)  1 312 288-8443 

Phone: (Russia) 7 916 602-4227


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We have the knowledge and expertise to find the appropriate business solutions and to reverse the negative course



Professional in the field of crisis management, turnaround and restructuring of distressed companies with knowledge of four languages and with 15 years of work experience in the United States and 5 years in Russia as an interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO), turnaround advisor, strategy consultant, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisor, and a financial auditor (CPA).  Currently, he resides in Moscow, Russia.

During his tenure at Silverman Consulting (Chicago, USA) and at Turn-arounds (Moscow) , he helped companies identify the causes of their financial problems, develop and implement operational decisions necessary for long-term financial health. Acted as an interim CFO of troubled businesses.  Worked on multiple M&A projects, such as formulating target markets, developing industry forecasts, Identifying investment targets, structuring deals, performing post-merger integrations, and developing exit strategies. 

Previously, he completed projects Due Diligence (M&A), aimed at investigating and structuring financial attractiveness of investment projects in the department of Transaction Services of Crowe Horwath (USA) where his clients included Sun Capital, Cerberus Capital Management and Wind Point Partners.  He was also a financial auditor of public and private companies at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (USA) where his clients included Disney, Tupperware and CNL. He holds a CPA (Certified Public Accountant in the US) license and has received his education at the University of South Florida (USA).  

professional influences

My experience at the well-known Chicago-based management-consulting firm, Silverman Consulting, has greatly influenced my professional formation.  Silverman Consulting specializes in turnaround consulting and crisis management and has helped engineer restructuring of more than 600 businesses. Silverman Consulting adheres to the highest standards of business ethics, integrity, and consistent quality of work product. 


To drive positive changes by transforming processes, practices, and the mindset within the organization


  • To follow strict rules of confidentiality – we don’t publicize the work done for our clients

  • To only enter into engagements where we can deliver value in excess of professional fees charged. To recommend the best strategy to benefit clients, not the one that yields the highest advisory fees.

  • To get away from theory and towards reality. In practice, this means that our recommendations are specific, relevant, and implementable

a career in turnaround management

  • It is fulfilling to help companies in situations, which threaten their continuity. It is rewarding when a crisis is averted, a company remains in business, employees keep their jobs, and an organization keeps contributing to the economy

  • It is energizing to serve as agents of change, to challenge established thinking, and to advise individuals and teams in difficult situations

  • It is intellectually stimulating to do something different every day - each turnaround brings a unique challenge to be resolved together with clients