Ilya Gnoensky

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Phone: (Russia) 7 916 602-4227


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not only we analyze the situation and formulate a strategy but we also lead the implementation of a restructuring plan


Our approach to crisis management is involved, active and hands-on: 



As a turnaround unfolds, we get involved in a wide range of activities and tasks, which is necessary to impact key risk areas of a business in a crisis environment. While the actual sequence of turnaround steps may vary depending on circumstances, the building blocks stay the same and provide a strong foundation for the effective turnaround:


Analysis is a key to figuring out why a business is in trouble.  We analyze (and normalize) historic financial reporting, cost drivers, profitability of segments and product lines, economic and competitive environment.  We assess business viability, working capital levels, operations, and management team capabilities


Turnarounds don’t work without a clear, consistent, and frequent communication with key stakeholders. To ensure smooth execution of the restructuring plan, we develop communication plans and negotiate with banks, creditors, suppliers, lawyers, strategic partners, government agencies, and other parties


Strategy formulation is at the core of financial transformation. In partnership with clients, we develop and implement solutions that guide a business from challenge to strength. In order to choose the appropriate course of action, we define short-term and long-term objectives, and draw roadmaps with clear milestones


Success of any turnaround is contingent upon the ability of management to change their ways of thinking. Throughout the engagement, I teach and mentor employees to cope with temporary uncertainty, to operate effectively in crisis mode, and to become transformation leaders in their departments. Barriers to change exist in any organization but constant training of employees ensures that all teams embrace the concept of turnaround and “sing the same song”

create models and presentations

Challenging environment calls for rapid deployment of quality turnaround tools. In partnership with management, we develop key assumptions and create complex multi-scenario financial models, presentations for lenders and investors, memorandums, cash flow budgets, margin analyses, forecasts, sales & marketing plans, and operational strategies 


Together with the management we work to implement the restructuring plan.  Heading the turnaround task force, we lead changes to processes or systems that are tailored to enhance budgeting, accounting, operations, sales & marketing and human resources


Constant monitoring of results allows for feedback and prompt modifications of the restructuring plan as circumstances change. Working with all levels of management, we create practical tracking tools and reporting packages that allow monitoring of changing results of operations ranging from key performance indicators to weekly budget-to-actual comparisons