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What types of situations call for financial interim management services?

  • Business owners have lost confidence in the current CFO but are not ready for a long-term relationship with a new CFO
  • An abrupt departure of a key financial executive creates a management void, while a search for a permanent CFO replacement takes place
  • Disagreements among shareholders create the need for an unbiased, objective and impartial financial leadership
  • A business is in the process of the acquisition, divestiture, or a post-merger integration
  • A company in transition needs rapid and dynamic improvements in financial performance. Such company may lack specific expertise in a short-term or plan a one-time project that is outside of the scope of a typical CFO duties

How can an interim CFO bring value?

Interim CFOs with turnaround and crisis management experience can ensure that owners and management spend more time developing their business and less time worrying about finances:

  • Enhance profitability by analyzing margins and eliminating unprofitable segment or products
  • Reduce expenses by negotiating with suppliers and rightsizing the organization 
  • Implement best practices of accountability and internal controls
  • Build a realistic multi-scenario forecast, design key performance indicators and the tools to monitor them
  • Improve chances of refinancing or infusion of funds from investors by maximizing the value of the business
  • Assist the company in hiring a permanent CFO and other key team members   

What types of companies would benefit from financial outsourcing?

Any company headquartered in North America that would like to outsource routine, time-consuming, or technical financial tasks that can be done remotely. Certain projects and tasks can be completed overnight – all due to the time difference with Russia. Examples:

A consulting firm located in North America with a lean organizational structure may be in a situation where a particular engagement is understaffed and no internal employees are available to join the team

A company may be in financial distress, while its staff is falling behind in preparing financial information. However, it is financially prohibitive to hire another local employee or there is no time for a full-scale recruiting process

What are the examples of tasks that could be outsourced?

  • Compile a comparative analysis of financial statements or trial balances, calculate monthly variances
  • Perform margin analysis by item, by customer, by geographical area, etc.
  • Calculate concentrations of customers or vendors, summarize A/R, A/P or inventory aging reports
  • Setup templates of a 13-week cash flow model, forecasted P&L or a balance sheet
  • Reconcile P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statements
  • Design complex multi-scenario financial models
  • Identify modeling errors, mathematical mistakes, or circular references
  • Conduct industry research, explore target markets, or search for strategic partners

Convenience Factors

  • Next morning delivery: we work remotely, while many tasks can be done overnight
  • Ease of communication: We can be reached via a US phone number or via Skype
  • No commitment:  No long-term contract, start and stop assignments as needed to adhere to tight deadlines 

Who are our clients?

Companies with existing cross-border businesses or expansion objectives

Our clients are exporters of goods and services from Russia or Western businesses looking to invest in trade relations with Russia

 How can we help?

  • Our international outreach and experience enables us to perform local research and to create market penetration strategies   
  • We provide due diligence services to companies looking to ensure reliability of their international partners 
  •  We also assist with establishing trust between international partners, negotiating terms and long-term contracts, and resolving conflicts.  The demand for this service is related to deeply rooted intercultural differences and contrasting interpretations of standard business ethics

Who are our clients?

Companies looking to train their employees on a wide range of business areas (in English or in Russian)  

Educational topics may include:

  • Day-to-day operations: logistics, business processes, sales and marketing, customer loyalty, H&R and employee motivation
  • Financial forecasting, modeling, and reporting
  • Crisis management and restructuring
  • Transaction support: due diligence process, M&A process, (re)financing, raising capital
  • Intercultural differences in business ethics

What is the training format?

We offer corporate training with an active employee participation in various formats including seminars, workshops, presentations, round-tables, and individual coaching